Dental Implant Myths

As Germantown’s top-rated dentist, Clopper’s Mill Dental Care understands the importance of dental implants and how they can transform the smiles and oral health of our patients.

Dental Implant Myths

Using state-of-the-art technology, dental implants have the same look, feel, and function of real teeth, and can improve speaking, chewing, and smiling abilities.

However, there are many myths surrounding the world of dental implants that may be dissuading you from undergoing a dental implant procedure. In this blog, we’ll debunk some of those myths.

Dental implants are noticeable.

Dental implants don’t just replace the function of teeth—they are scientifically designed to have the same look and feel of teeth as well. Your implants will be carefully crafted to fit the shape of your jaw and mouth and the look of your original smile, making them nearly indiscernible to real teeth. Unless you make people aware of your dental implants, chances are that nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Dental implants are uncomfortable.

Many people believe that dental implants will always be uncomfortable, and will feel foreign to your mouth as long as you wear them. This is far from the truth. Yes, the recovery from a dental implant procedure can be a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient. But once everything has healed up, dental implants feel exactly like natural teeth, allowing you to speak, chew, and laugh without an issue.

Dental implants are much too expensive.

Dental implants are costly upfront due to the complexity of the procedure and the brilliant dental results. However, many people don’t realize that while you’re paying more money upfront, dental implants are a better long-term expense than bridges or dentures because of their long lifespan. With only a few tweaks and adjustments, dental implants will last a lifetime, while dental bridges only last from 7 to 15 years before you need a new bridge put in. For the most permanent and practical result, dental implants are worth the added expense.

Dental implants take too long to heal.

Healing time is arguably the biggest downside of a dental implant procedure, as it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months for a full recovery. This dissuades a lot of people from undergoing a dental implant procedure—but should it? While the initial recovery of a dental implant is lengthy, the results of procedure will last a lifetime. No going back into the dentist for a new set of dentures or a replacement dental bridge. Wouldn’t you rather take the hit early on and enjoy the permanent, beautiful results for many years to come?

For a better idea on recovery times from dental implant procedures, make an appointment with your dentist to talk about the scale and impact of a dental implant. For smaller dental implants, the recovery time is shorter than you may think.

Any dentist can successfully place dental implants.

Legally speaking, any dentist with a valid license can place a dental implant. However, it takes a ton of supplemental training and experience to become a dental implant expert. If you’re considering a dental implant, talk to your dentist about his or her experience with dental implant procedures. You may want to opt for a dentist with oral surgery credentials.

Dental implants need a lot of maintenance.

Contrary to popular belief, dental implants need the exact same amount of work like real teeth. Feel free to eat your favorite foods and chew your favorite gum—just be sure to brush and floss like you normally would. Outside of normal dental care, dental implants need no specialized maintenance like dentures or bridges.

Clopper’s Mill Dental Implants

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