Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Although their name might lead you to believe these teeth impart some sort of great knowledge into your life, the reality is that wisdom teeth are generally more of an issue than a help.

Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Unfortunately, the average person’s jaw does not have room for wisdom teeth, which makes them troublesome. If you are looking into wisdom teeth removal in Germantown, talk to our dental team. We can work with you to find the right solution for your particular needs. Whether you are currently suffering from pain due to wisdom teeth or you are just interested in preventative care to avoid any issues, we can help.

In the meantime, read on to learn everything you need to know about wisdom teeth removal and the time following the procedure.


Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Your first question might be, why remove my wisdom teeth? After all, why would more teeth be a bad thing? The issue with wisdom teeth is that because most jaws do not have room for them, they come in at an angle or try to push up underneath existing teeth. The result is painful and can actually cause severe damage to existing teeth.

Your dentist will be able to assess whether or not your wisdom teeth will cause any issues if left in place. They will base this off of the size of your wisdom teeth and the location they are erupting in. In almost all cases, wisdom teeth removal is necessary to ensure the health of the rest of your mouth. In rare situations, you might not have any wisdom teeth grow or they might be small enough and in a location where they are not an issue.

When Should I Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The earlier your wisdom teeth can be detected, the better. This is where frequent checkups will play a huge role in the health of your teeth. Your dentist will use X-rays to determine when your wisdom teeth are forming and from this knowledge, your dentist will be able to recommend the right time for removal.

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed during high school or college. The less deeply rooted the teeth are, the easier the extraction process will be. It is always recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed during a time in your schedule when you will have ample time to recover.

What Will The Process Involve?

While the prospect of having your wisdom teeth removed can sound daunting, the actual reality of the procedure isn’t that bad. Your dentist will discuss your options for anesthesia with you before you ever schedule the appointment. You can opt for a local anesthetic, which will numb the area but leave you conscious for the procedure. Conversely, you can choose a general anesthetic that will not only numb you, but also put you to sleep for the procedure. Your dentist can help you determine which choice is best for you based on the severity of the procedure and your comfort level.

Once the anesthetic has been applied, your oral surgeon will carefully remove the offending teeth and you will be able to leave the office the same day as the procedure. Your doctor will usually place gauze in the resulting holes and give you instructions for post-op care.

What Should I Expect Post Surgery?

How you feel after the procedure will vary greatly depending on how impacted your wisdom teeth were. You might feel right as rain in only a matter of a day’s time or you might need a solid week to feel capable of leaving your couch. The best thing to do is listen to your body, rest a lot, and stick to the guidelines your doctor gave you.

Most of the post-procedure instructions will be geared towards preventing a condition called dry socket. Dry socket can occur if you drink out of a straw, brush your teeth too soon after the surgery, or in any way dislodge the clots over your wound area. Dry socket is extremely painful and can delay your healing process, so be sure to listen carefully to your dentist’s post-op instructions.


Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal Today

If you have wisdom teeth that are in need of removal or you are concerned about potential wisdom tooth pain, reach out to our team today. We can schedule an initial exam to determine what needs to be done and how difficult extraction will be. Then our dentist can consult with you to decide upon what type of anesthesia will be right for you as well as what your recovery process will look like.

Contact us today to book your next appointment for wisdom teeth removal in Germantown. Our team of dentists will handle your procedure with care and we will work to alleviate any concerns you might have. Our goal is to leave your mouth healthy and pain-free. We look forward to assisting you soon.


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