Why Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

If you’re afraid of the dentist’s office, ask yourself a question: why?

Why Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

In this blog, the Germantown Dentists at Clopper’s Mill Dental Care will explore a few reasons why you might be afraid of the dentist, and give you wisdom that could possibly quell your fears for good!

You had a bad experience with a dentist in the past.

Your perceptions of your past dental experiences are based on a variety of factors, including the types of procedures being performed on your teeth, your attitudes about dentistry, and of course, the personality of your dentist. With all of these variables, it’s no wonder that so many people of all ages have a past dental experience that feels traumatic in some way.

Maybe your dentist actually was mean and scary and smelly—or maybe you were traumatized because you had to have a root canal when your were 12 years old. Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that your past dental experiences have no real connection to your dental experiences of today.

Every single dentist’s office is different—while you might’ve had a tough time with how forceful or impatient your old dentist was, your new dentist could very well be patient, caring, and gentle. While going to the dentist as a child was scary, maybe the fact that you know what to expect as an adult will put your mind at ease. While your tooth extraction a few years back was uncomfortable, maybe this next tooth extraction won’t be nearly as bad. Whatever the case, your dental past has nothing to do with your dental future.

Brushing Twice a Day and Flossing Aren’t as Necessary as Your Dentist Says it is

We may want this one to be true, even though deep down we know that brushing and flossing is critical to the health of our teeth. After you eat, bacteria begins to form from the small particles of food that are left behind. If you don’t brush them away in the morning or at night, food particles can become plaque, and then tartar. Flossing can ensure that the surface between teeth is also being cleaned, rather than just cleaning two out of four sides of your teeth.

You’re afraid of dental tools.

If you only go to the dentist twice per year, you probably don’t spend too much time in front of dental tools—and since the unknown can be scary, it’s no surprise that people get wigged out by all the shiny metal objects a dentist uses on any given day. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about here—your dental staff uses these tools all day, every day, and have full control over them. Your dental team has spent years developing muscle memory and fine motor skills so, no matter what job need to be done, they’ll take care of it. That’s why they’re the professionals.

Your parents were afraid of the dentist.

Remember how your parents always told you they were bad at math? It probably made you feel like you inherited some subpar math skills (even if you didn’t). This same philosophy works for a fear of the dentist. When you were a kid, you might remember your mom or dad getting nervous about their upcoming dental appointment. How is that supposed to make you feel? If your parents—your childhood symbol of strength, perseverance, and toughness—are losing their minds over a dentist’s appointment, it shouldn’t be surprising that you thought there was something to worry about when hopping into the dentist’s chair.

However, think about your dental experiences. Were they really as scary as your parents indicated? Your parents might have had traumatic dental experiences in the past, but dental technology and patient care have advanced so much since then. The problems they had might not even exist today.

You’re embarrassed by your oral health.

Nobody has perfect oral health, even if they brush and floss every day. Teeth, by nature, will experience problems small and large, and it takes frequent maintenance and care to keep them in great shape. However, some people are embarrassed by the current state of their oral health—so much, in fact, that they avoid going to the dentist altogether. This will only make oral health problems worse and lead to more embarrassment.

If you’re embarrassed by your oral health, there’s a certain medical specialist who can help. It’s your dentist! They can provide quality care and dental products that turn your oral health embarrassment into oral health confidence!

Talk to Your Germantown Dentist

If you’re feeling nervous or anxious before your dentist’s appointment, give the team at Clopper’s Mill Dental Care a call. We’re happy to find ways to make your more comfortable in our office. Schedule an appointment today, and let us give you the oral healthcare you need in a way that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and confident!


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