"It is amazing how I can look forward to the dentitst chair"

It is amazing how I can look forward to the dentitst chair, but I do. Dr. Oh is amazing, patient, and so skilled!I’ve been a patient at Cloppers Mill for a long time, and I’m so glad Dr. Oh has come to stay!


"The service and staff are excellent"

The service and staff are excellent. I like that they have late evening hours.


"Service is EXCELLENT!"

I’ve gotten several procedures done and each time the service is EXCELLENT! In addition, they are very caring. Each time I have have a big procedure done, they call to check on me. I have not seen that anywhere else. I HIGHLY recommend Clopper’s Mill Dental Care.


"Brooke was excellent!"

The dental hygienist I saw, Brooke, was excellent!


"Continue the good job"

I would like to tell anyone who might have stopped going to Clopper`sMill Dental Care for some reason, that please go back and experiencethe best care that I got two days ago. I enjoyed my visiting and everything is OK!!!…….continue the good job.MA.


"I was impressed"

Going to the dentist used to be like going to the DMV. Get in line, fill out a form, shuffle from station to station, open wide and moan. It was impersonal, uncaring, and uninspired. However, after experiencing a dental emergency during the height of the holiday season, I needed a dentist fast. Fortunately for me, I lucked out and phoned Dr. Oh’s office. From my initial telephone call with Megan to my entrance into Dr. Oh’s office within the hour, I was impressed. The dental and office staff of Megan, Brooke, Shelly and Geraldine treated me and my emergency with expediency, kindness, and humor. Dr. Oh fixed my dental emergency quickly, with much skill and no pain, and actually made me look forward to my follow-up visits that I’ve had …


"Friendly, thorough, and efficient"

Friendly, thorough, and efficient. Brooke and Dr. Oh both have outstanding bedside manner. Highly recommended.


"Wonderful experience"

I had (as usual)a wonderful experience . Dr Oh was very gracious to accommodate me at the very last moment for my very needed appointment. Dr oh I wanted to thank you again for your generous time you offered me. MVallejo


"They emphasize the good never the bad"

From Megan the receptionist to Brooke and Dr Oh my first visit was as if I had known them for years. They are all extremely friendly and very thorough. Dr Oh and Brooke explained everything in a non judgmental manner. They emphasize the good never the bad which made me feel sooo comfortable (i am never comfortable at a dentist). Extremely friendly practice.


"Very helpful staff"

This office has very helpful staff who work with me around my schedule and insurance policy matters. They care about the patients and strive to maintain long term relationship.


"Brooke and Dr. Oh are great"

I have been a few times now and Brooke and Dr. Oh are great. They are friendly and personable, the place is clean, and I always feel comfortable there, which is rare for a dentist. I don’t feel judged for not flossing as much as I should and they do a thorough job with my cleanings and eval. I highly recommend Cloppers Mill to anyone. Plus, I never wait, they are efficient, and keep appointment times, so I don’t have to worry if I want to stop in before work. You can also request an appointment online, very convenient. Thanks Dr. Oh and Brooke, keep up the good work! Jennifer C


"The team is very professional and friendly"

My family has been visiting Clopper’s Mill Dental Care for our routine dental care for the last 3 years and we are extremely happy with the result. The team is very professional and friendly. A big shout out for Megan. She is a very sweet individual!! The staff there is friendly and very efficient. Our last visit included my 3 year old’s first time and they made him feel so comfortable that we were amazed he did not fuss. Thank you team for your diligence!! Keep it up!


"The most polite group of people"

When I come into this office they are the most polite group of people. Knowledgeable, informative and friendly. The doctor is very helpful in any way possible. The office is kid friendly. Overall I always enjoy my appointments.


"This is the best dental office I have ever been to"

This is the best dental office I have ever been to. Dr. Oh is an amazing dentist who always makes me feel super comfortable and seems to really care about his patients. Shelley, the dental assistant who I am always so fortunate to see when I go to the office, is the nicest and most professional assistant I have ever had. I used to despise going to the dentist until I found this practice – I recommend them to everyone I know who is looking for a new dentist.


"They do a great job"

Ever since I’ve been visiting Clopper Mill Dental Care, I’ve been feeling clean, fresh and healthy as a whole. They do a great job, my gums looks healthy pink, I smile without fear because I know my teeth looks great. If you want to go for oral care, please visit Clopper Mill Dental Care. They are very gentle and you are really handled with care because they do care.


"I was in and out quickly"

I was in and out quickly. I received excellent care and a great experience overall. I highly recommend this office.


"The office runs efficiently and the staff are always friendly"

Clopper’s Mill Dental Care provides excellent service. The office runs efficiently and the staff are always friendly. Today I was just in for a cleaning and as I passed Dr. Oh’s office he came out to say hello and ask how things were going. Besides the friendly atmosphere of the office Dr. Oh and his staff do excellent work with minimal discomfort!


"Very happy"

Susan and I are very happy and as I am. She is a new person. Your staff is so well trained and knows what and when for the patient. Thank you, Susan and Pasquale

Susan Bacaltos

"The staff are very personable"

Everyone at Clopper’s Mill Dental Care is warm, kind and courteous from the moment you walk through the door until you leave. The staff are very personable, very gentle and the office is very clean. I really enjoy the “at home” feeling I get when I am there and I highly recommend this practice.

Jennifer Sussal

"I really enjoyed coming here"

I really enjoyed coming here with my family. My husband said it was the most professional experience he’s ever had! Great location and office staff!

Jessica E

"Recent visit"

My wife enjoyed our appointment with the staff. All of the people were very friendly and professional. My wife is scared to go to the dentist but she was very much at ease with the friendliness of all of the people that worked at the dentist’s office. Excellent experience. Keep up your good work!

Raul C.

"Excellent experience!"

After being a little nervous about going to the dentist. The staff made me feel comfortable. They explained everything that was happening and eased my mind. I felt at ease and would highly recommend this Dentist to everyone. .

Marco G.

"Caring office"

They really make you feel comfortable! Dr. Oh is great and so are everyone else who work there. The office is clean too. They really make you feel that they care about you.

Kuei-I W.

"Very welcoming"

Very welcoming, low stress atmosphere. Dr O explains everything and why procedures need to be done.

kathie g.

"Always Professional and Friendly"

I arrived to a friendly, personal greeting from reception desk staff and waited about 2 minutes before being greeted by Brooke. The cleaning was painless with plenty of pleasant conversation. Dr Oh came in afterward with his usual grin and handshake to look over my teeth and answer my questions. My visit ended as it always does with me feeling great! This is a wonderful office of people…professional and friendly!

Trisha M.

"Very professional and friendly"

Both Dr. Morris and the Hygienist, Stacey were remarkable. They were completely invested in the well-being of my dental issues and explained their plan of treatment in depth. I walked out of the office feeling very comfortable and will most definitely continue to visit the office for further treatment.

Rehana C.

"Dental visit"

They did a great job.

Forrest G.

"Excellent and helpful service"

Clopper’s Mill Dental is super professional and clean. They helped identify how my insurance would cover my daughter and son’s dental needs and are so patient with the children. They are tech savvy and easy to plan for and helped my children stay calm through what can be a difficult day.

Jessica E.


I’ve always been impressed about the overall efficiency of this practice; but, more so since Dr. Oh bought this practice, from Dr. Teitler.

Cindy F.

"Professional and friendly"

Very good staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Had a crown redone that was ten years old. No pain during the procedure as they know how to numb you.

Jason N.


I would advise that the glasses worn during teeth cleaning be cleaned after every appt. The glasses I wore were filthy dirty. This is unsanitary in my opinion.

Marcia S.

"Very comfortable"

As pleasant as getting a cavity filled can be. Everyone is friendly and soothing.

Sarah R.

"Timely and courteous service"

I arrived early and I got started a few minutes before the appointment. The entire staff was friendly and pleasant.

Fred W.

"Wonderful Visit"

I know I know – wonderful visit at the dentist? Let me say, before I found this practice I hadn’t gone to the dentist in MANY years. This place is great! The staff is SUPER friendly, hours are accommodating and they play good music! They are not judgmental and do not make you feel bad about your dental care – but they are HONEST and I believe that is a PLUS!

Geri C.

"Happily surprised"

When I called Clopper’s Mill Dental Care five minutes before they closed, they were happy to schedule me for their first appointment the following day. I repaid their helpfulness by showing up five minutes late. They were genuinely happy to see me and didn’t mind at all that I was late. The dentist and his staff were very personable and treated me warmly, as a person, not “clinically” as a patient or in a stiff, “matter of fact” manner like a client. It’s one thing to be informative, another to be nice, and yet another to be professional. They went beyond adding all three together and made the whole experience feel comfortable and natural. This is something that can’t be achieved by people just showing up to work and doing their jobs, they also have to understand and care, That’s what the people at Clopper’s Mill Dental Care do.

David K.

"High quality service, professional, and friendly"

I have been going here for about a year and the staff are always very professional and extremely friendly. I would recommend Dr. Oh and his staff anyone.

Mia P.

"My first visit"

I came from my home country couple of months ago, know nobody in the area and suddenly , had a dental emergency! one of my fillings fell off!!…In pain for the sensitivity, made a prayer because Dentist Office is not one of my favorite places to go, and started searching in the web for Dental Professional…this is how I got meet Cristina and wonderful Dr Morris. Being in a new country is not a piece of cake …specially if you are in pain, believe me! But both of these ladies as well as the Dental Assistant were very supportive, professional and gave me confidence. Dr Morris fix my problem and I could smile again. I must say, that since I don’t have a Dental Insurance, I paid this treatment out of my pocket. Price seemed fair and according to the medical attention I got. Thanks so much!!! I will highly reccomend this place.

Monica H.

"Very Happy With Everything!!!"

I couldn’t have been happier with my care in the hands of the dental hygienist and Dr. Oh. My teeth were thoroughly cleaned, I was checked for any other medical concerns, x-rays, and had 3 cavities replaced and 1 filling for a chip in a tooth. The staff worked with me to enable me to get this done today, which was greatly appreciated. If you are looking for a modern dental office, extremely friendly and professional personnel, and dental work that I would rate as a 10 (the highest possible), then go to Clopper Mill Dental. You will be so pleased with the end results.

Andrea J.

"Simply the best dental practice ever!!!"

Today, I had 5 cavities filled. Dr. Oh originally said it would take no longer than an hour and a half. He finished the job in 45 minutes and with no pain at all! Dr. Oh is the finest dentist I have ever had, and I’ve been through a lot of them. His demeanor is kind, thoughtful and extremely pleasant. The same can be said for his staff. Both Brooke and Shelly are incredible. They always make you feel relaxed and at ease. The entire staff is highly skilled and awesome. On a scale of 1 to 10, they get a 10 across the board!!! If you’re looking for a great dentist, look no further…go see Dr. Oh!

Claude T.

"The Best Dentist!"

Clopper’s Mill and Dr. Oh are the best! I hated going to the dentist before and avoided it until I found Dr. Oh and his wonderful staff. They are friendly, professional and experts in their field. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Penni B.

"Great as usual."

Appointment was kept punctually; the staff did their job quickly and cheerfully, and Dr. Oh was professional as always.

Robert G.

"Excellent Experience"

Dr. Oh and his staff exuded genuine concern for my welfare and needs throughout, and the office is very clean and the atmosphere is very calm and welcoming. I came a long distance for treatment, and as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by the team, including Dr. Oh, whose first question was how my trip went. In addition, Dr. Oh is very knowledgeable, takes time to explain, listen and discuss, and his manner is very relaxed. My treatment involved a very sensitive area, yet he managed to ensure that I was not in pain. I am very pleased. His assistant, Shelly, was excellent, as well. Shelly was very friendly and kind, and she explained what to expect before the procedure. Cristina, who handles the insurance end, has been very kind and helpful from the start. Another young lady, who’s name escapes me, was very helpful in getting me to the office and gave a very kind reception when i walked in the door. I would definitely recommend Dr. Oh.

Kim E.

"Always A Pleasant Visit!"

I was taken back within minutes of arrival for my regularly scheduled cleaning. My hygienist was friendly and accommodating and my cleaning didn’t take very long. She even took the time to help me schedule my next cleaning right while I sat in the chair. Dr. Oh checked my teeth after and pronounced everything good which made for a pleasant end to my pleasant visit!

April C.

"Fantastic service!"

I was truly blown away by the services at this dental office. I had root canals and crowns done here and it was hands down the best painless dental experience. Dr. Oh and Brooke was very gentle and the assistant was extremely caring person. I am definitely referring my friends to this office.

Patricia P.

"Great Dental Experience"

Never thought that I could have a great experience at a dental office but I did at Clopper’s Mill Dental Office in Germantown, MD. Everyone in the office is so friendly that you immediately feel comfortable. The dental tech Shelly is efficient and comforting. Dr. Oh has a calming demeanor and explains everything in detail before performing any services. His attention to detail lets you know that he is experienced and you immediately feel comfortable. My procedure was completed with almost no pain and I was very satisfied with the work. The office is clean and parking is convenient.

Van T.

"Friendly, professional service"

The people are very nice and friendly. The office appears new and is well maintained with state of the art equipment They all do their jobs well with a smile. They don’t over schedule, so I don’t have to wait past my appointment time. Parking is easy.

Shirl M.

"Professional, trustworthy, friendly"

Love this place – everyone is very friendly and trustworthy.

Lisa R.